Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Heaven and the Dead City, Volume 2: Incoming!

Here is the second volume of my graphic novel series Heaven and the Dead City, with type placement! Hurrah! You can read about the making of this cover painting here.

Volume One,
available here and here.

This volume will be released in a few months (I will give information about its availability when I find out more myself). This new volume (one long chapter, really) focuses mainly on the mysterious gentleman witch Swamp and his secret existence in the Dead City.

We get to meet some of its other eerie and deadly denizens as well.

I am beginning to pencil Chapter Three which will posted on CO2's  website as they are finished. (You can read the story so far here as well.) Chapter Three will focus on the other city of the title (hint: the one that isn't dead) and despite its beauty and life, things are, shall we say, not going as well either...

Here are some behind-the-scenes sketches and sneak peaks at finished art from Volume Two:

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