Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Krampus!

I work in a bookstore and it's usually around this time of the year when I can't help wanting Krampus to make a visit at the store, if only to shake things up a bit and remind people of good behavior. (Including me!)

In certain parts of Europe, it's traditional for Santa and Krampus to work as sort of a Good Cop/ Bad Cop team before Christmas. (Just by looking at Krampus, you can guess which one he is.) Infact, December 5th is devoted to Krampusnacht, which is now beginning to be celebrated in this part of the world. For those of you who wish Halloween came more than once a year, say hello to the big guy with horns!

He knows when you've been bad or good.

Grace Nuth of the wonderful blog Domythic Bliss originally introduced me to Krampus last year and I was honestly surprised I had never heard of him, considering that some of my family came from the part of Europe where he's most popular.
Grace has written an excellent blog post about our horned buddy: http://domythicbliss.blogspot.com/2012/12/gru-vom-krampus.html

So, for fun, I did a few cartoons of Krampus in my sketchbook that I hope to turn into color Christmas cards next year. My idea was to give him a Victorian look, even make him a bit dapper. I really just wanted to see him in a top hat.

Krampus dressed and ready for a night out on the town.
Note the pocket watch for keeping those
important appointments...


  1. Ooh Raine, I love the line and liveliness of these drawings. And especially the one of Krampus with one hoof - are you aware of an artist, very prolific and charismatic, from our little old West Country here - Plymouth. Robert Lenkiewicz. A friend who was studying down there and knew him reflected "No woman could resist him"... well making ladies and babies wasn't all he did as there's a fantastic body of work, very intersting and intelligent. And a Pan-inspired self-portrait naked, with one cloven hoof, sending himself up. Fabulous. Check it out. Mx

  2. Hi, Moyra! Sorry I'm so late replying to this. Thank you for liking these goofy sketches of Krampus! Also, thank you for the information about Mr. Lenkiewicz-- I'm on my way to look him up. As I'm very fond of Pan, fauns, satyrs and generally any mythical guys with hooves, he sounds like a very interseting fellow. ;)

  3. Typo:"interesting"-- Haven't had enough coffee this morning, apparently...

  4. Hmmm... It may have all started with Mr. Tumnus...

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